Enterovirus Type 71 Vaccine (Vero cell), Inactivated - Inlive®

Launched in 2016

  • A new drug under "Category 1 Preventative Biological Products", and the first of its kind in the world, is being developed, marking a milestone in the transformation of Chinese vaccines from "Made in China" to "Created by China”

  • Rapid onset of the vaccine can be achieved, as well as wide coverage for the population aged 6 to 71 months; a 2-dose inoculation grants at least 5 years of protection

  • Quick effect: the seroconversion rate reaches 89.2% ten days after the first injection to ensure quick protection

  • China has seen a significant drop in the number of severe cases and deaths from HFMD after large-scale vaccination campaigns.

  • Abundant studies evidence of simultaneous vaccination: the Inlive vaccine can be co-administered with hepatitis B vaccine, MCV, MMR vaccine and JE vaccine

  • Shelf life of 3 years and preservatives free

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