Beijing Mayor Visited Sinovac on Promoting Development of Biopharmaceutical Industry
In the morning of April 22nd, 2009, Beijing government officers , Qi Liu, Jinlong Guo, Anshun Wang, Shixiang Li, Fengtong Zhao, Zhongwen Gou, Xiangyang Ding and other officers from relative governmental departments, total more than 40 governors, came to Sinovac to perform the specific research related to “Improve the capability of independent innovation and promote the development of biopharmaceutical industry” on pharmaceutical industry and academic organizations. They were accompanied by the head of Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park, Wei Dai, the head of Haidian Chinese Communist Party Committee, Weike Tan, the head of Haidian District Government, Fusheng Lin, etc.
In the filling & packaging plant of Sinovac, officers inspected two modern packaging lines and learned the manufacturing process. Sinovac CEO, Weidong Yin reported Sinovac’s R&D and industrialization projects to these officers, and introduced the situation of current operation and future development plan as well as the focus of investment under the economic crisis. Weidong Yin said, “Developing towards an enterprise group is our goal. We have to contribute our efforts to the aim of Beijing development.  
After reporting, Qi Liu and other government officers discussed with Weidong Yin about building up Zhongguancun National Innovation Park, the tax policy about companies’ re-investment and the development of biopharmaceutical industry.