We have recently noticed that some companies and individuals illegally forged and used authorization documents from Sinovac Biotech Co., Ltd. (“Sinovac Beijing”) or Sinovac Life Sciences Co., Ltd. (“Sinovac Life Sciences”), two subsidiaries of Sinovac Biotech Ltd. (“Sinovac”), to hold out that Sinovac Beijing or Sinovac Life Sciences has authorized them to act as the distributor to distribute the Covid-19 vaccine CoronaVac® and the other vaccine products in the markets outside China.


We wish to clarify that:


(i) the Covid-19 vaccine CoronaVac® is developed, manufactured and distributed by Sinovac Life Sciences;


(ii) Sinovac Beijing is not engaged in distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine CoronaVac® outside China; and


(ii) neither Sinovac nor any of its subsidiaries has ever signed any authorization letter or similar documents for any company or individual within China to authorize them to distribute the Covid-19 vaccine CoronaVac® outside China.


We hereby reiterate that, without signing written contracts with us, no entity or individual may hold out that it is or is authorized to be engaged in sale, distribution or other marketing or promotion activities related to any of Sinovac’s vaccine products.


Concerning the illegal activities of document forging and fraudulence as mentioned, we reserve all the rights to take actions, including legal actions, to seek remedies and pursue liabilities.



Sinovac Biotech Ltd.


28 January 2021