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Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Weidong Yin
Chief Financial Officer, Vice PresidentMs. Nan Wang 
Chief Operating Officer, Vice PresidentMr. Qiang Gao
Chief Business Officer
Ms. Guang (Helen) Yang
Vice PresidentMs. Jing Li

  • Mr. Weidong Yin has served as our chairman, president, chief executive officer and secretary since September 2003. He previously worked as a medical doctor in infectious disease at the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Tangshan City, Hebei province. Mr. Yin has been dedicated to hepatitis research for over 20 years and was instrumental in the development of Healive. In addition, Mr. Yin has been appointed as the principal investigator by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology for many key governmental R&D programs such as Inactivated Hepatitis A Vaccine R&D, Inactivated SARS Vaccine R&D and New Human Influenza Vaccine (H5N1) R&D. He is also the president of Zhongguancun Listed Companies Association. He obtained his MBA from the National University of Singapore.

    Ms. Nan Wang has served as our chief financial officer since June 2013. Ms. Wang served as the vice president of Sinovac Beijing from 2001 and the board director since 2009. Ms. Wang oversaw business development, investment and clinical research. Ms. Wang also served as the first general manager of Sinovac Dalian since establishment of this company. During her 19 years of service, Ms. Wang was responsible for our business development, investment and clinical research. She has been actively promoted our foreign cooperation, leading domestic and international cooperation negotiations on a number of projects including equity, technology and market, and successfully achieving a number of foreign cooperation. Ms. Wang has led clinical research on many important projects including SARS vaccine (phase I), inactivated H5N1 influenza (avian flu) vaccine, influenza, H1N1 influenza vaccine and EV71 vaccine (Vero Cell), inactivated, and has actively promoted the listing of new products. Ms. Wang received her bachelor’s degree in biology from Peking University and her master’s degree from University of International Business and Economics, PRC. Ms. Wang also received a diploma in financial management from Beijing College for Entrepreneurs, PRC in 2003.

    Mr. Qiang Gao has served as our chief operating officer since April 2020. Mr. Gao joined Sinovac Beijing in 2002 and has served as quality control manager, quality assurance manager, R&D manager and R&D director at Sinovac Beijing in the past years, the general manager of Sinovac LS since 2010, and our vice president since April 2016. Mr. Gao has participated in the development of several vaccine varieties, including influenza vaccine, SARS vaccine, inactivated H5N1 influenza (avian flu) vaccine, EV71 vaccine, COVID-19 vaccine, ongoing sIPV vaccine and declared 23- valent pneumonia vaccine. Under his leadership, we successfully passed the WHO assessment and were selected to be eligible to import inactivated polio vaccine technology from the Netherlands and participate in the global polio eradication project. This project makes China become one of only six developing countries eligible for the technology transfer. Mr. Gao is currently a member of the Beijing Virus Society, Master of Engineering Supervisor of Institute of Microbiology (Chinese Academy of Sciences), and a subject review expert of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. Mr. Gao received a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in microbiology from the University of Agriculture, PRC.

    Ms. Guang (Helen) Yang has served as our Chief Business Officer since April 2021. Ms. Yang is a key member of our executive team and is responsible for our worldwide strategic development. Ms. Yang joined Sinovac Beijing in 2003 and has nearly 20 years of experience in human vaccine industry. Ms. Yang is currently in charge of our global sales and marketing management, focusing on global marketing commercial strategy layout, development, transformation, building and upgrading our marketing commercial network and system. She is committed to continuously ramping up our marketing business and commercial capabilities, promoting and strengthening our global brand influence. Under her leadership, our products and services have benefited more than 60 countries and regions around the world during the COVID-19 period. In the domestic market, Ms. Yang leads our team to enhance the market positioning capabilities and brand influence recognition in China's vaccine industry. Ms. Yang obtained her MBA with outstanding graduate results from Peking University & Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School, Belgium in 2011. She received her master’s degree of science (Hons) in ISMA International Securities Investment and Banking from the University of Reading, United Kingdom in 2003 and her bachelor’s degree in economics (Hons) from China Agricultural University and University of Colorado Denver International School in 2002.

    Ms. Jing Li has served as our vice president since April 2016. Ms. Li was named as quality person of Sinovac Beijing in March 2015. Since she joined Sinovac Beijing in 2003, she has worked in different roles in production and quality function, including quality assurance vice manager, department manager of hepatitis A vaccine production and director of vaccine production at Sinovac Beijing. Ms. Li has successively organized and completed the production and site inspection of EV71 vaccine, the commercial production and application of 23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine. As the project leader, she organized and led the effort to pass WHO pre-certification assessment of hepatitis A vaccine, which significantly promoted the export sales of hepatitis A vaccine. Ms. Li received a master’s degree in physiology from the University of Agriculture, PRC.

No family relationship exists among any of our directors or members of our executive officers named above and no arrangement or understanding exists between any of our major shareholders, customers, suppliers or others, pursuant to which any person referred to above was selected as a director or executive officers.