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SINOVAC Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2022

2023-09-28 15:45:34

Driven by its mission, Kexing has always been committed to the research, development, production and sales of human vaccines and related products, and continues to provide safe, effective and high-quality vaccine products and perfect and considerate services to the society and the public. Corporate social responsibility is one of the driving forces for the sustainable development of the company. We always attach great importance to social responsibility work, actively undertake corporate social responsibility, deliver healthy ideas and products to thousands of households, support the unmet needs of global disease prevention and control, promote the development of public health with practical actions, and work together with all sectors for a healthier world.

While repaying the country and society with high-quality vaccines and guarding people's health, Kexing has always been actively fulfilling its social responsibility, helping to promote scientific research and health science propaganda in the field of biomedicine, and carrying out various donations, including vaccines, to support the development of public health with practical actions and join hands with all circles to work together for a healthier world. Since its establishment, Kexing has donated more than 8 billion yuan to public health and society, including vaccine donations, material donations and construction donations.