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Talent Development

Talent Development

SINOVAC continuously motivates and develops outstanding talents through the personnel training and development support system, encouraging employees to pursue diversified careers, persistently improving employee achievements and adding value to social contribution.

Talent Strategy 

Gather talents with the development vision of an international group company and excellent corporate culture 

Provide innovative and challenging job opportunities for employees to select talents 

Attract and retain talents with industry-leading salary and benefits

Talent Concept

Attract talents and make them success with career ;Make company and company development success with excellent talents.

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Sinovac Academy has established a "dual channel" career development system for staff management and professional development. Through various courses and training, it strives to become a growth consultant for employees and a development partner for business teams. 

Sinovac Academy teaches culture, strategy, leadership, professional skills and general education courses for employees through platforms and projects such as school of management, School of Technical, high-end talent integration program and Ivy cultivation project.